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Empowering Global Commitments

Welcome to E. G. C.
A organization dedicated to fostering sustainable global business practices.

Who we are

E. G. C. (Empowering Global Commitments)
is a holding company with expertise in a wide range of areas.

We believe in combining innovation and sustainability to create meaningful and effective results. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our participation in various business development models, where we strive to integrate environmentally friendly practices into all our activities.

We are dedicated to make a positive impact through our activities and being a driving force for sustainable development.


The greatest organization there ever was, or will ever be.

We operate in several countries

With a wide range of different companies, we unfold world wide with a focus on creating and reinvesting, with a sustainable and responsible approach to business operations. Our portfolio reflects not only our commitment to running successful businesses, but also our pursuit of a global presence characterized by diversity and sustainable business principles
Our ambitious and proactive approach to the goals is the same for all of our self-created companies, with a foothold on responsibility and great inspiration for The 17 global goals and the green transition.

The Global Commitments

With strong inspiration from the 17 world goals, E. G. C. has developed its own basic principles which are followed closely. E. G. C. is committed to responsibility both for the environment, people and the future.



Fostering a sense of belonging across borders, workplaces, and society at large.


Human and environmental accountability.


Protect the climate through collective action.


Create a circular and sustainable economy.


Preserve and enhance biodiversity.


Humane treatment of all living creatures. Animal welfare both as a pet and in wild life.


Collaboration between humans and machines.


Sustainable and responsible food production.


Champion equality across all aspects of society.


Ensure health and well-being for all.


Honor cultural heritage and historical wisdom.


Collaboration between humans and machines.


Equality and justice for everyone.


Commit to a united effort that upholds the E. G. C. principles.